Another Operation for Sophie!

Sophie has to go to Bristol on the 8th of August for a Stomach Peg to help us to maintain her nutrition. She has had a Nasal Gastric tube since she was so poorly last year and is now ready for the big Operation to make is a permanent tube into her stomach.

Please help support the family with the costs incurred.

Thank You 

Sophie Wherry is a very brave little girl. at 15 she has already had over 20 surgeries on her spine! She has made he trip from Cornwall to Great Ormond Street Hospital over 60 times and on March the 20th 2014 she had a Spinal Fusion proceedure that the Surgeon calls "The Biggest Operation we perform at this hospital!"

Sophie has Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy and Scoliosis.  When she was 6 her Scoliosis became life threatening, her Spine had curved so much that the only option was Spinal surgery. The single Titanium rods that have been used for the last 6 years have helped her survive but after breaking them many times and the surgery every 6 months to lengthen them, finally she reached a good enough growth point she could have the Double Titanium Fusion. 

The Family desperately need support as the costs of getting to and staying in London have caused debt and stress and the ongoing cost of her care is beyond what they can manage. We have set up a Fundraising Campaign to help raise Awareness and Money Please Donate    

We have set up a Fundraiser. Click on the link below to donate direct via PayPal or click on the donate page to Visit our GoGetFunding site.

Donation Update

So far we have Raised-

Keep Donations coming I will update as we go.

John and Vicki say a huge thank you the donations have started to help releive the burden.